Version 0.87

10 November 2017
  • Updated fee structure
  • Added Youtube link to supported assets
  • Added 'BETA' tag to Superblock est. date
  • Added 0x to Partners section
  • Updated About > Roadmap
  • Press Kit page added

Version 0.86

04 November 2017
  • Added countdown for exchange UI live demo
  • Planned update section added to Changelog
  • Content updated in About > Intro
  • Content updated in About > Dex > Fees
  • Content updated in Dashboard > Project > Partners

Version 0.85

02 November 2017
  • Initial release!
  • Unofficial Blocknet informational and resource site

Coming Updates

These updates are not guaranteed or in any particular order and do not have estimated completion dates.

  • Tools page with a directory featuring useful Blocknet-related resources
  • Press Kit page with a collection of Blocknet media and copy for use in external sources and copy
  • Guides page with a directory featuring useful guides and how-to's
  • Wallet page with directions and info on setup for staking, trading, node client, node server
  • Chart of trading price for past 24hrs on Dashboard > Market
  • Chart of github contribution history on Dashboard > Project
  • Consolidation of tools into the site
  • Settings page for theme, default page, other options